Welcome to the Twenty Moons

The Twenty Moons of Toranor is a space opera setting for the Basic Roleplaying System. The supplement will be written by Thaddeus Howze, and is tentatively scheduled to be completed in September 2009. In the Twenty Moons, Transhumanity and its attendant species are refugees from the horrors of the Second Galactic War. Fleeing the complete destruction of the Sol System, Transhumanity finds itself dropped into an exotic, artificially created, planetary system full of technological wonders, strange magics, incredible mental powers and potentially hostile aliens; twenty worlds filled with diverse cultures, once friendly, now poised on the edge of war.

The Toranor star system at the outreaches of the galactic empire, is still recovering from the First Galactic War, and barely able to handle this flux of refugees from a dozen worlds. With the outbreak of the Second Galactic War, it has isolated itself from this distant, new conflict.

Ansible communication with the Galactic Empire has unexpectedly stopped. The Twenty Moons, on the verge of war, suddenly holds its collective breath. What has happened and what does the future of this former jewel of the Empire look like? Should the Twenty Moons stay isolated, or risk opening the Galactic Gate to determine the fate of the galaxy?

The sourcebook will include character generation (including alien characters), numerous artifacts and equipment, expanded magic and psion rules, sci-fiction spot rules, a description of the Twenty Moons solar system and it’s inhabitants, adventure notes, meta-storylines concerning the fate of the Old Galactic Empire, hidden plots, hooks and ideas for play.

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